Karen’s topless pierced nipple selfie bar bathroom style

karen topless selfie pierced nipple hello kitty phone bar bathroom public nudity
karen topless selfie pierced nipple hello kitty phone bar bathroom public nudity

Karen’s not shy. flashes pierced nipple for selfie in bathroom against bath attendants wishes

user uploaded message:

Hi my name is Karen im 18 yo.

Just got one of my nipples pierced and have been showing it off to anyone and everyone. I thought I would take a topless selfie and share my teen boobs with the internet. trolls be gentle with me.

Just turned 18 and mommy got me my tit pierced as a gift. I would of got both nipples done but my moms has both nips done and I wanted to be a little different. Most friends said what does it matter you want have your tits out at the same time anyways, but thats where you are wrong!

The average weekend is a big party at my house (still live with my mom and dad) with lots of booze and drugs. And my mother and I love teasing the guys by showing off our mother daughter tits at the same time. I thought it would be hot if she had two nipples pierced and I only had one. More innocent and young showing one soft pink none pierced nipple.

So I’m in the bar and I’m like hey this would be the perfect time to snap a topless selfie in the bar bathroom but this bitch attendant is watching me like a hawk. She kinda looked like a lesbian anyways so I flash my nice little tits in front of her and 3 or 4 other girls as you can see in my pic above. Every one just turned away after looking as if it was an everyday thing. I snapped this sweet selfie and hope you trolls out there on the internet enjoy!

Thank you for your topless pierced nipple selfie from the bar bathroom Karen

I hope the trolls, as you mentioned, will be gentle with you.

I really like the ‘just one pierced nipple’ look

Most girls have both their boobs done

More girls taking pictures of themselves in selfie hell

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