father and his daughters on nudist beach in Russia Family

father and his daughters nudist beach
His blind daughters main job was to find the warm sausage and squeeze it until gravy came out. The gravy often ended up on her face and did not taste like gravy.

The blind daughters other duties included

warming up the cold cucumbers with her twat

using her little round bum, with movement, to keep daddies lap warm

putting on heavy lipstick and then kissing all the other woman to share the makeup and save money. (took a long time, sometimes it felt like they would kiss for an hour just to share lipstick.)

chick or dick? 3. blue hair, don’t care, fuck is that? down there

chick or dick 3 - Copy

She is a tom boy, or he looks like a girl.

If you know who this is, ffamous porn star, don’t ruin it for the others, let them guess.

That time daddy made you wear a wig and a skirt and some girls makeup and lipstick, and then you got to kiss him, where mommy does.

tomboy or tommy the boy

The punk girl with short hair and a punk boy attitude. She would try anything…

like the time she had blue hair, and her and her friends were drinking at the party and uncle Clem pulled out the video camera, blue haired badass got her tits out for the camera, then her sweet little ass..

a few beers later she didnt even realized theĀ  camera was on while unc had talked her into eating her friends pussy and she was gobbling away with pussy juice all over her face.

her first time eating pussy and her first time on film. Smile for the camera my little blue haired slut.

You are a porn star now.


A chick?

Or a dude that looks like a chick with a dick!

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