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Message with Selfie submission:

Hey yall!

Got a story I had to share that may make you hard, unless you are a faggot!

So my mom got remarried to a scum bag that is always looking at my young ass. probly fantasizing about a stepfather stepdaughter incest sex session, possibly with my mom involved to make it a good old family incest threesome.

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Picture below inserted by TAB for illustrative purposes

So the more drunk he gets the more sexual and aggressive he gets towards me, regardless of if my mommy is around or not. She likes watching and joining. YES JOINING!

At first I resisted his advances and he would be a gentleman and back off.

I showed my thanks for him being kind by laying in bed while he fucked my mommy and let him look at me move around in just my panties with my little tiny pointy tits out. as I got older he would get close to cumming and then rest his hand on my ass or my tits and leave it there while he came.

Then he started feeling me up while they fucked.

Then he finger banged both my holes and the first time he put a finger in me he cummed on my face. he didnt even ask, but I liked the feeling of the warm cum all over my face. I remember smiling at him.

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My mommy told me on my birthday that i was old enough to lose my virginity and i should give it to my step father. She said he was the man of the house and the right to my virgin pussy was his for the taking. I agreed and secretly looked forward to it and masturbated in anticipation of his big cock in between my young legs.

Daddy wanted it to be special so he set up a nice dinner date, we had a drink, we danced slow and he gently played with my ass while telling me how beautiful I was.

Despite cumming on my face many times in the past, he kissed me on my lips for the first time. At first just a peck, and then he put his tongue in my mouth and we french kissed for a long time while he felt me up.

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Then he went down and ate my little bald pussy and asshole. It felt just like I imagined while masturbating and I came a little in his mouth from a small orgasm. He put his finger in my little bum hole and it made my pussy super wet on his tongue.

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stepfather eating daughters asshole

My asshole and pussy were so wet he could of put his dick in either of my holes, and i would of let him fuck my ass after doing all of that mouth work down there.

But he was only after my pussy virginity that day and he lay on top of me and started rubbing his hard cock all over my pussy hole and bum hole.

He put my hand on his dick and told my to rub it around on my pussy but if i put it inside before he was ready I would be in trouble. I was temped to shove it deep inside and take the trouble like a good little stepdaughter cum slut.

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“You are going to make your daddy cum before I am inside you” he said as he pulled back to take a short rest.

Then he kissed me on the lips and pushed his penis all the way inside me. my pussy was wet as hell and that helped but i was a young girl virgin and my little pussy hole hurt and I let out a little yelp and a “daddy” and put my hand on his chest to slow his next thrust into me. I looked him in his eyes as he penetrated his little dick hungry daughter.

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he had stared into his daughters eyes many times, but never while inside her

At first he was gentle but then he got rough

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He pulled his cock out of my pussy, pushed my head down to his cock,  and shoved it in my mouth for a split second before pulling it out and cumming on my face

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So daddy fucks me all the time, he is my boyfriend until I leave home he says. Maybe I never wanna leave home. Love you daddy!

End story submitted with selfie submission

TAB: Thank you for your submission and you are very cute. please send more than one pic for anyone reading this and thinking about submitting yourself. it makes for a better read for the viewers.

I can only hope to marry a woman with a daughter as special as you. I mean that is all wrong. for shame on this post.

Selfie submission: fuck you for my birthday present

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Message with selfie submission:

I hope my idiot ex boyfriend sees this.

With the clown for 4 years and he gets me crotchless panties for my birthday.

Almost better than the year before when he got me nothing cause he had no job and not a dime to his name. at least steal some flowers or something you twat.

Anyways broke up with his broke ass. let my new boyfriend fuck me in the crotch less underwear and the circle of life is complete.

guys dont by this as your only present for your girls bday.

End selfie submissing.

TAB: disappointing present but you wear them well.

selfie submission: shorts to short for public?

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Message with selfie submission:

My mum says these are underwear and not shorts.

Sometimes I wear them when I walk down the block to get the mail.

If I bend over my ass crack always shows and I am afraid I might get kidnapped or scorned by an angry feminist.

So instead of showing off these shorts in public I though I would submit this pic to as many adult sites as possible and show off my little ass crack that way.

I’m sure my mum would prefer that to possible public indecency charges or kidnapping.

Hey I like the site but mostly the selfie stories. makes me realize I am not the only naughty girl out there snapping pics of herself. thanks!

End submission.

TAB: in my opinion those shorts are pretty much perfect. And when i see a hot girls ass crack on display in public I am not thinking about kidnapping I am thinking, “damn I would eat my breakfast off that ass all day every day”.

Thank you for your selfie submission!

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are my nipples to big, selfie submission

message with submitted selfie:

Hello, my last asshole boyfriend said:

  1. im afraid I might get my eye poked out by one of your massive nipples.
  2. I dont like how you never wear a bra and your hard nipples poke through your shirt and become an eye magnet for every single man woman and child we encounter.
  3. i like little nipples… So I am breaking up with you for an asian girl with a body and nipples like a young teen.

And I could not even hit him with a “you have a small dick” cause his dick was so big I choked on it.

I’m sure I will find a man (probably older than my father, maybe my father) who will appreciate my big nipples for the modern miracle of female body.

Do any of you viewers of the adult blog want to take a nipple poke in the eye?

end user submission

I’m sure internet degenerates would line up around the block to be poked in the eye with one of your fine and huge nipples.

personally (and probably from growing up in sunny california as a child) I prefer the youthful and dainty small and classy nipple.

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3 best friends naked selfie for 2016

Message with selfies submission picture

We all turned 18 this year and all share this same fantasy:

To know for a fact that at least one guy has gotten hard, at least turned on, or best case busted a load to a picture of our naked 18 year old bodies.

Now the easiest way would be to do some porn or make the pics super raunchy.

But we are classy ladies who just want to show off our hot little bodies and how close and comfortable us 3 best friends are.

Think about this please anyone (girls included)

I am the one holding the phone and taking the selfie.

I have fantasized about being with another girl for the first time, maybe even one or both of my best friends here.

See how close the girls hand is to my naked pussy, that really made me wet.

I made my move on her at a party, she was not offended but made it clear it would never happen.

Maybe I will post another selfie when I finally pop my lesbian cherry.

Bye bi

End selfie letter

theadultblog – The real thing is so much better, and you will never get to see someone online respond.

And with your looks and body a man willing to show you how much you get him off will come knocking on your door by the thousands.

+++ update (another message was sent from her after reading what I wrote on her previous submission) +++

I appreciate what you say about a live man appreciating me in person, BUT

I like the thought of some real sick pervert imagining Im his little whore and raping my ass or using me like a whore.

Some thing I could never handle in real life.

So all you perverts out there imagining Im your little cum slut, your little girl looking up at daddy while you loosen my tight asshole before taking my ass virginity for the first time,

I see you old men sitting across from me on the train, trying to get a look up my skirt, and I will spread my legs just enough so you know my panties are white.

But if you try to touch me in real life I will yell rape and cut or bite your dick off.

But it makes my little teen pussy wet to know you think about holding me down and making my asshole wet with your tongue before you….

Anyways, see you on the train….

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Message with selfie:

Your first dick sucking selfie submission!

You are welcome.

No need to say more.

End message

Marry that girl!

or at least tell her you will marry her and instead become the porn king and queen of your small town

dad told me chokers are for prostitutes, I’ve worn one every day since, selfie

dad told me chokers are for sluts, ive worn one every day since, selfie
if choker chains are for prostitutes, then you owe me a LOT of money, dad

Message with selfie:

bought this choker chain off amazon,

first day I wear it, my dad tells me choker chains are a sign prostitutes wear to low key let johns know they are open for business.

Continue reading dad told me chokers are for prostitutes, I’ve worn one every day since, selfie