Chick or Dick? 2 – THE REVEAL!

The original picture of female or shemale in question


And now the slightly more revealing same picture


Might have to look twice at that one.

Here let me help.

chick-or-dick-reveal close up of lady boys dick
Imagine you were drunk and really thought this was a girl, until you looked down and to your SHOCK and HORROR. a COCK

So the sister,

was a mister.

thank god you never kissed herCOUGH COUGH, him.

Had nice tits though.

The Shemale in the picture is actually a well known tranny porn star Kimber James, the pic is from the skin flick Kimber James the movie.

kimber james shemale porn star
the look of a man, debating telling his man, that he is a man not a woman. Sorry man. Kimber James the movie

I’m actually not into shemales myself. But would, or did, let a ladyboy in thailand give me a blow job after a night of drinking and it may or may not have been better than my girl friends blow jobs (sorry, not sorry hunny)

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