Chick or dick? ep: 1 – The black haired beauty who might be hung like black beauty (the horse)

black haired babe little tits chick or dick
Yes we are playing chick or dick? this one is hot regardless.

Is this a man or a woman? A chick? Or a chick with a dick

48 hours from the time of posting. The truth will be revealed.

Welcome to the first episode (ep: 1) of chick or dick.

The game where we see almost everything. And then 48 hours, 2 long and arduous days later, we find out with pictorial or video proof, if the sexy person who looks like a lady has a dick or is a real live chick. (please dont google image search) lets discover the gender together

Those men who protect their heterosexuality at every cost and have never wanked to the cutest lady boy ever video will most likely be offended here. Go fuck off its 2016.

***Results of the chick or dick, lady or lady-boy Ep: 1 The black haired beauty***

black haired beauty tranny lady boy trap jerking off with shirt on gif
This cute black haired chick HAS A DICK!

So here we have it the results of the first chick or dick post and we start it off with a beauty.

Even if you lie and say you could tell the gender from the face alone you must admit this lady-boy looks pretty with the makeup and the long hair.

So you meet her at a bar, she takes you to her car, she gives you the best blowjob you have had in years by far, you just had your dick sucked by a trap!

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