Cum targets 1- Young, dumb and tongue – Teen girls

going to hell for this one…

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I swear I am not 16 years old, the i.d. I have says I am 18 no matter how young I look
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The cute girl saw the mans swollen penis point towards her and she knew he was aiming at her sexy face. Where the cum would end up she would soon find out. (hint: she is now blind in one eye)
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Started dating a beautiful 18 year old girl. She wants me to know she is a lady in the streets. And a filthy, Daddies little cum bucket, beg for cock, freaky whore in the sheets for her man. Cool I am  a filthy bastard too. With sex tapes to prove it.

First time I have sex with my dirty gf She can tell I am close to cumming and she says “put your hot load on my face” I say tell me more.. Her face lit up and I saw the naughty thoughts begin to flood her perverted brain.

“When daddy is done with his little girls pussy hole I want him to shove his cock in my face, put every drop on my pretty little face while I look you in the eyes, and I want you to look your sweet little princess in her precious perfect eyes and tell me what a good girl I am and how proud daddy is of me”

That did it. Pulled out and came all over her perfect face. The semen dripped down her face and she licked it off of her sweet pink lips and swallowed it down her teen throat. She sat there smiling with my hot load steaming load on her cute teen face.

That was the first of maybe 1000 cum shots I busted with her face as the cum target over the 2 year period I dated the little tramp. We made dozens of sex tapes all of them ending with my cumming all over her face while she begs me for the ejaculation and I bless her with an over sized orgasm cum load every time.

Cum on my girlfriends face and she takes a facial selfie

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“here is a towel” .. “wait let me take a facial selfie with your load all over my pretty face and mouth first

I cum all over my young girlfriends perfect little face and big blue eyes and the first thing she does is pull out her phone, take a facial selfie, and then put her camera away like it was nothing. Not sure if this is a  trend where young girls some even in school take selfies, often in mirrors, after their boyfriends have cum all over their faces. The selfie is then shown off as if to brag about to friends.

It is not uncommon for young teen girls to take selfies with cum on their face

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