18 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski. GIF Collection”

  1. Her tits are real guys.. No fucking way she can move like that and not have them move with her. I would fuck her in so many positions and shoot my sperm deep inside her womb..

  2. Her tits are definitely not fake. They are too pretty to be fake. They also hang down just a bit unlike fake tits. I assume people think they are not real because they are so perfect. No doubt they are the real McCoy

  3. Who fckin cares, she didn’t take these pics for anyone to see, so anyone who’s starring at them is no better than a pathetic peeping tom. Why is it not okay to sneak around peeping in peoples windows? For the same reason you don’t peep at someone’s phone pics, because it makes you a disgusting little perv who can’t get your own real piece of ass. Just remember you can look all you want but you will never touch, because of it. Only real men with agendas other than criminal offenses earn such a girl.

    1. LMAO.. I LOVE YOUR COMMENT !! Now this girl released these pics for publicity, But, I get what you’re stating and I LOVE IT!! WAY TO CRUSH THE WEAK !!

    1. little creepy boy, Relax. Believe me when I state she wouldn’t Spit on you even if you payed her. He tits ARE implants, BUT, that’s fine. She’s very very sensual and Beautiful. Now try not to be so creepy and angry

  4. She is such a whore. She was prancing around naked in an old fashion photoshoot video. In another private photoshoot (available online), she allowed the photographer to snap shots of her pussy as well. But truth be told, I don’t mind sloppy seconds (or sloppy hundreds) – I would bang her any day.

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