kim kardashian’s leaked photos uncensored NUDE bathroom selfies 2015


kim kardashians leaked cell phone pictures of her taking a selfie completely naked with her hand near her vagina in the bathroom at a hotel with kanye west
Kanye: “You losing your celebrity spot light Kim baby, we should make and leak another sex tape but wait till I get my dick enlargement surgery” Kim Kardashian: “You right Kanye, I need to do something to get back in the lime light. Let me snap a few naked selfies in the bathroom, upload the naked pics to the internet and then pretend like they were leaked”

Is this the first leaked, completely nude, front and back, Kim Kardashian bathroom selfie? Its the only combo I could find.

You see Kim has shaved her vagina bald for this pic but I would love to see her with some natural hair down there. Maybe shaving her box was what inspired her to take and leak these selfies?

Kim Kardashian leaked cell phone pictures of rear view and completely naked ass selfie in the mirror
Is Kim Kardashians ass fake or real? who cares. I’d still hit it… with a shovel… and bury her in my back yard for being a talentless… be quiet Khloe there is plenty of time for you to join the list of Kardashians who have leaked nude photos or released steamy sex tapes.

These are not just randomly shot selfies that were leaked to the world. It took a ten man team to do Kim’s hair and makeup, set up the perfect lighting and position her for the perfect self shot angles.

If I was a millionaire I would rent Kim’s ass for a night so I could use it for a pillow as I sleep. That is one juicy tush.

I was going to include some non nude selfies in with these two nude ones but there is something strangely erotic about these pictures all by themselves and I don’t want to taint them with some editorial nudes that do nothing for me but make me question if her ass is real or really fake.

Check out Kim Kardashians Instagram for more selfies

Also Kim Kardashian West on twitter to stay up to date

personally I found both accounts pretty boring so I played Kim K’s old sex tape with Ray J instead and was much more entertained

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