That’s assault

pervert sharking woman during live tv interview flashes her boob

Well this live interview just got better. Or worse.

A bodybuilding female promoting something is unclothed by a villain. Or a hero? A real pervert doing this would likely get beat down by every real man in the room and judging by how happy the reporter was to see a nice big fake boob I will assume it was her friend that sexually assaulted her making it quite alright.

I believe it is being called Sharking now? A quick google video search for sharking shows unsuspecting woman and girls minding their own business in public when out of nowhere a masked man runs up, pulls down her pants or shorts, lifts up her skirt or rips up or down her top exposing her private parts. And sharking is not complete without the masked mans accomplice standing near by in the perfect voyeur position to capture the whole thing on camera.

Don’t get any ideas people this is not some harmless naughty prank to pull on females. No, this is full blown sexual assault and the man with the video camera is just as guilty unless of course he was just filming his child near by when out of no where the public humiliation takes place.

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