Selfie submission: accidental anal surprise

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Message with selfie submission:

Hi, my name is Candace, I am 18.

The fine ass in the picture belongs to me.

So I turn 18 and my boyfriend is finally allowed to take my virginity.

We go to a party and have some drinks to loosen up before the big event, but we both get a little too drunk. His dick still worked though.

So we end up in his car for privacy, both hammered. Im sitting on him in a weird way cause his car is small and he says

“I’m going to fuck your virgin pussy now and starts rubbing his dick on my asshole.

I thought maybe it was foreplay or something and  then all of a sudden he just pushes his dick into my tight little virgin ass.

Good thing I was drunk or it would of really hurt, sort of felt good.

I did not tell him to stop and I did not tell him he was in my ass.

He lasted about 90 seconds in my tight little teen butt hole and I felt him squirt his load up my little bum.

“Oh shit” he said “I just came in your pussy, you on the pill?”

Yes I said, even though I wasn’t and he came in my ass not my pussy. Still never told him and I ended up losing my real pussy virginity to a teacher in college.

Long story short, I love it in the ass.

I always close my eyes and think about the first time I did anal while getting ass fucked or masturbating.

If you think about my pic while you wank think about pounding my little 18 year old virgin ass hole.

End message

TAB: great story. only problem is he will think your pussy smells like shit.

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