she likes to know you think nasty things about her, selfie messages

3 best friends naked selfie for 2016

Message with selfies submission picture

We all turned 18 this year and all share this same fantasy:

To know for a fact that at least one guy has gotten hard, at least turned on, or best case busted a load to a picture of our naked 18 year old bodies.

Now the easiest way would be to do some porn or make the pics super raunchy.

But we are classy ladies who just want to show off our hot little bodies and how close and comfortable us 3 best friends are.

Think about this please anyone (girls included)

I am the one holding the phone and taking the selfie.

I have fantasized about being with another girl for the first time, maybe even one or both of my best friends here.

See how close the girls hand is to my naked pussy, that really made me wet.

I made my move on her at a party, she was not offended but made it clear it would never happen.

Maybe I will post another selfie when I finally pop my lesbian cherry.

Bye bi

End selfie letter

theadultblog – The real thing is so much better, and you will never get to see someone online respond.

And with your looks and body a man willing to show you how much you get him off will come knocking on your door by the thousands.

+++ update (another message was sent from her after reading what I wrote on her previous submission) +++

I appreciate what you say about a live man appreciating me in person, BUT

I like the thought of some real sick pervert imagining Im his little whore and raping my ass or using me like a whore.

Some thing I could never handle in real life.

So all you perverts out there imagining Im your little cum slut, your little girl looking up at daddy while you loosen my tight asshole before taking my ass virginity for the first time,

I see you old men sitting across from me on the train, trying to get a look up my skirt, and I will spread my legs just enough so you know my panties are white.

But if you try to touch me in real life I will yell rape and cut or bite your dick off.

But it makes my little teen pussy wet to know you think about holding me down and making my asshole wet with your tongue before you….

Anyways, see you on the train….