should Samantha shave her vagina for the first time selfie

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Me and Kim looking sexy in the mirror oops where did my panties go oh look I have a little bit of hair on my pussy not sure if I should shave bald

18 yo shows pussy in selfie to ask the net trolls about her pussy hair

User message with uploaded selfie picture:

Hi My name is Samantha (with the camera) and that is Kim on the right. I was a long time follower of the old ‘the adult blog’ and thought I would send in this selfie for Selfie Hell to support the site and also answer a perverted question me and my girlfriend have.

So my question is:

I just turned 18 years old

I have never shaved my pussy and I am not wearing any bottoms in this selfie so you can see I don’t have a wild forest down there. Most young girls start getting hair when they are 11 12 13 years old. Me I was in junior high when I started getting a little bit of soft hair on my pussy.

Oh the question.. Should I shave my vagina or just let it stay light and soft like this until my bush gets to hairy or outta control? I don’t have a boyfriend but I do like to show my snatch off. Also I’m not sure if I really wanna wear the no hair on the vagina at all bald beaver that would make me look like a  prepubescent girl or a tween that is developing slow.

You cant see my friend kims vajayjay but she keeps it bald all the time. Ever time we spend the night I end up seeing her snatch and its always mr. clean smooth and I must admit her cunt looks pretty good bald with no hair on it. Its pretty hot.

5 thoughts on “should Samantha shave her vagina for the first time selfie”

  1. Ya Sam your hot.its better to go down on a beautiful woman who so soft and pussy so wet.oh my I must stop.getting a willy.your beautiful babe.would love to have a night with you.heaven I’m sure.mefourfun@gmail

  2. It looks pretty good, leave a little hair, like a propper woman. No woman should be bald down there. The best is when its shaved into a triangle above the clitorus, that is sooo sexy. I want a garden, not a forest, and not concrete.

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