selfie story. Blow body

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Message with Selfie:

Hi. I am Kim

Been doing cocaine for years. Fake boobs are a guarantee to free coke all night. Sure you have to show your tits and deal with some groping but FREE COCAINE! Recently turned 19 and started smoking crack . Got cracked out one night, talking to some guy, and at first I thought he was talking about some kind of magic trick, but I quickly learned what he meant when he said “Ya the magic trick is, you make this dick disappear”

So I was always chubby until I got into coke. The weight just vanished after I started my day with some cocaine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I see all these stupid ladies in the gym and I think for the price of a gym membership you could get some cocaine!

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  1. If you’re eating and holding it down you should be able to keep it up for a few years, coke would be a better choice than Rock for that tho, but on Rock then maybe a couple years if you’re not eating then less. But at the moment you have a sexy body. And should try to keep it, even if that means getting off the Caine, when you get off you’ll notice having sperts of energy at random time, I was hard into coke then just quit and it felt good, but now I’m back to doing it a couple times a week

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