strippers selfie to say strippers are not sluts. True?

strippers are not sluts two girls one selfie bathroom pictures strip clubThese strippers leave clothes on for selfie picture with statement “exotic dancers are not all sluts”

User message with uploaded selfie:

Don’t come to my strip club thinking there is an amount a money that will make me or my girls suck your cock.

Now me and my friend Candy know some strippers are true whores that will gobble your knob for 100 bucks. But that is a small percentage. Me and my dancer friends will slap you in your rude face if you mention any type of sexual act.

Strippers are not hookers asshole! I have said that almost every night I have stripped for the 2 years I have been stripping.

I take my clothes off, customer see’s my pussy and thinks he has the option to do more than see my nakedness. Stop it! My bouncer friend will break your face if you try to touch me and I wish he would do the same for some of the shit these perverts have said to me. But he lets it slide.

“hey baby I got a hundred bucks that says you cant make me cum in a minute” I will bite your dick off and spit it in your face.

Worst thing a prick guy has said to me at the strip club?

“I’m going to fuck you tonight whether you like it or not”

That’s rape mother fucker.

I’m not some red neck, white trash, hooker/stripper you can put your dick in after you see me shake my ass on stage for you.

I wish i had a bow and arrow and just shoot you in your dick when you are talking shit to me.

Many exotic dancers I work with say its just part of the job and they can say what they want. Fuck that.

Anyways thanks for letting me vent and I hope you post this. See ya at the club?

End message.

Some strippers have class and you can see they dance with pride and are not sluts

But I can say with confidence that it is not uncommon for a dancer to lean over and whisper in a horny viewers ear an offer for sexual favors once the dance or private dance has ended.

So if one man has experienced a stripper offering him a blow job, and he is watching a very attractive girl taking off her clothes for him on stage, and there is a chance he may get a blow job from a hot stripper, is it really that bad for him to ask for head? As long as he is some what polite about his sexual advances?

Nice stripper selfie!

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