selfie submission: shorts to short for public?

blonde girl shorts ass split picture selfie

Message with selfie submission:

My mum says these are underwear and not shorts.

Sometimes I wear them when I walk down the block to get the mail.

If I bend over my ass crack always shows and I am afraid I might get kidnapped or scorned by an angry feminist.

So instead of showing off these shorts in public I though I would submit this pic to as many adult sites as possible and show off my little ass crack that way.

I’m sure my mum would prefer that to possible public indecency charges or kidnapping.

Hey I like the site but mostly the selfie stories. makes me realize I am not the only naughty girl out there snapping pics of herself. thanks!

End submission.

TAB: in my opinion those shorts are pretty much perfect. And when i see a hot girls ass crack on display in public I am not thinking about kidnapping I am thinking, “damn I would eat my breakfast off that ass all day every day”.

Thank you for your selfie submission!

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